document management

Case Study

A document management system that provides essential information when it is needed

We develop and implement document management systems designed for each client’s specific purposes, so that they can be easily maintained and accessed by all staff members. The goal is to align the process with employees' operational responsibilities. The customized solution positions the client to derive the greatest benefits from current systems and maximize productivity by leveraging more effective use of information resources. Executives and employees can find the information they need when they need it.

Training enhances employee motivation and morale

Our job doesn’t end with design and implementation. We train your employees to be comfortable in managing and using what has been put in place. Our training engenders an understanding of the system’s logic that facilitates employees learning to follow and apply the rules of the new or modified system.

Steps in the process
  • Identify operational units and document universe
  • Trace workflow processes associated with the different types of documents
  • Analyze impact of current processes on user practices and employee productivity
  • Present solutions and implementation plan
  • Train Employees