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Rachel Lurie makes order out of information chaos. She is recognized for her organizational and project management skills and her ability to order and streamline chaotic situations, such as paperwork strewn throughout an office, poorly identified spreadsheets on computers or a library of books without a catalogue. A strong leader, she is able to mobilize key stakeholders to work together to achieve essential objectives. A committed professional, Rachel is known for going the extra mile with enthusiasm and a positive attitude that inspires others to help get the job done.

An experienced project manager with a strong understanding of technology and systems capabilities, Rachel possesses excellent cross-functional, collaborative-management and communication skills. Her experience spans diverse fields including medical, mental health, life and health insurance, banking and compliance at organizations in the corporate, non-profit and government sectors.


Lurie Information Consulting provides you with a comprehensive suite of information and records management services. Some of our past and current projects include:
  • Creation, design and implementation of a hospital records management program
  • Development of a categorization scheme for a performing arts company
  • Composition of a catalog for a mental health collection
  • Configuration and implementation of a document management program for a manufacturing company
  • Design of a classification structure for a real estate company‚Äôs new document management system