our approach

Professional Profile

We organize chaos

Organized, accessible information is an asset. Chaos creates a cost-center. An information system helps companies save money by increasing employee efficiency and productivity.

We help business people categorize their information – paper or electronic- so that they can readily find what they need when they need it. I help people who like the concept of paperless-ness and want to rely less on paper documents, but don’t know where to start.

We help individuals in regulated industries who need to comply with laws and regulations governing record retention and disposition practices. We help managers minimize risk by building compliance with privacy and records management requirements into the processes we design.

I also help individuals who are happy with the medium they have, but just want to be able to spend less time looking for information they know they have “somewhere”.

Typical project phases

  • Assessment: A project usually begins with a survey of the documents people create and maintain, and an examination of related filing systems and categorization practices.
  • Workflow documentation: Next we trace the workflow actions associated with the differing types of documents and analyze the search strategies used to look for specific documents or information contained in certain documents.
  • Evaluation and Recommendations: An evaluation of the status quo provides the basis for a set of recommendations which are tailored to the client’s work patterns and document preferences.
  • Client Feedback Meeting and Recommendation Adjustments: Following discussion of the recommendations and incorporation of client feedback, changes are finalized.
  • Implementation: Some clients prefer to implement the recommendations themselves, while others want me to oversee the work.
  • Training: Staff training is an additional option.


As the work is done on a project basis, the cost varies depending on the scope of the project. There is no charge for estimates.